Suicide Chess

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Welcome to
 Suicide Chess Game

“Don’ try Suicide, Nobody’s worth it ... 

Nobody gives a damn”

Queen Song

Q: What is “Suicide chess” ?

A: Chess like game, in which the goal is to get rid of your pieces first (instead of chessmating opponent)


Q: Where can I play the game?

A:  Here: Free Suicide Chess Win7/XP opponent application

 - First install the chess font "STD.TTF" (Under Win7 => Right click + "Install". Under XP =>Open Control Panel, Open Fonts, Install New)!

 - Start the Game (SChess.exe)


I'll be very happy to hear your comments, notes or whatever you wish to share with me.


Soon game will be available as Smart Phone App

Author:  Peter Nikolaev Koniarov

E-mail:  pnk at abv dot bg

Under Construction Note: I know web page is awfull - I plan to fix it soon!

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